Sheet Piling


Min. Qty => 10 Units

Country of Origin => India


Sheet pile walls are retaining walls constructed to retain earth, water or any other filling materials. These walls are thinner in section compared to masonry walls. Sheet pile walls are generally used for following:


  • Water front structures, i.e. in building wharfs, quays and piers.
  • Building diversion dams, such as cofferdams
  • River bank protection
  • Retaining the sides of cuts made in earth

Sheet pile walls can be of timber, reinforced concrete or steel.

Steel sheet piles are most commonly used. Steel sheet piles possess several advantages over other piles. They are:

  • Steel sheet piles are resistant to high driving stresses
  • They are lighter in section
  • They can be used several times
  • They can be used either below or above water and have long life span
  • Suitable joints can be provided to have a continuous wall
  • The pile length can be increased either by welding or bolting.


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